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Creative Wellness Class Series + Supply Bundle

Creative Wellness Class Series + Supply Bundle

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If you're serious about your creative wellness, this series is for you. Everything you’ll ever need to explore the full range of your creativity is included. With a variety of classes that offer support and guidance, and a complete assortment of all the art supplies you'll need shipped right to your door, inspiration is always at your fingertips. 

This online class + supply bundle is designed by a Licensed Certified Art Therapist to help you get creative and support your mental health. This bundle includes: 

  1. The Render Box: Setting you up with all the materials you'll need for every class in the bundle. You can expect to repeat several classes (if not all) at least one time, and likely more. The Render Box Includes an Online Class (delivered immediately to your inbox): Provides introductory demonstrations about the supplies included, how to use them, and ways to think about using them for a creative wellness practice.

    2. Seven Additional Online Classes:  Seven unique classes to help you explore  and reveal limitless pathways to search for new ideas.
      1. Introduction to Your Creative Wellness Series

      2. Needle Punch Embroidery

      3. Watercolor Abstract

      4. Miniature Clay Modeling

      5. Torn Paper Landscape

      6. Melting Pastels Class

      7. Tissue Paper Printmaking

    3. The Creative Wellness Series Handbook:  a detailed guide to combining classes and building a versatile and ongoing creative wellness practice that is unique to you.

      This bundle is appropriate for all levels of creative practice. No previous experience required. Ages 16+

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