Why Render?

While many are pulled towards creative pursuits for well-being, several barriers are common. For one, it can be difficult to find the time, mental and physical space, and inspiration that is needed for the most meaningful ongoing practice. Non-inclusive narratives about creativity also set up the illusion that creativity is a “have” or “have not” skill.

Research has shown us that spending time on creative pursuits is both enjoyable and beneficial to our mental health. We also know that creativity, like mental health, is a state of mind that fluctuates, and they are mutually impacted by our active effort and attention. 

Render provides the structure and support for an accessible, gratifying, and regular creative practice that intentionally supports your mental health. Every detail is anchored in the latest research in psychology, mental health, and creativity, so that everyone feels welcomed, calmed, a little challenged, revived, and inspired. 

- Drew Smith, founder & Art Therapist

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