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The Render Box

The Render Box

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This collection of supplies offers the most complete, versatile and satisfying creative tool kit you could ever imagine. Compact and highly portable, you can plan to dip into your Render Box again and again to let your imagination unfurl and claim your innate ability to create.

Every supply in this assortment was carefully curated and thoroughly tested by a Licensed Certified Art Therapist to encourage your creativity and offer you tools to explore your mental health. 

Components included in your purchase:

1. Art Supplies (shipped right to your door):
  1. Mixed Media Journal with 60 Sheets
  2. Premium Artist Grade Paintbrush
  3. Watercolor Pan Set of 16 Colors
  4. Set of 10 Wax Pastels
  5. Pen Blade
  6. Metal Ruler 
  7. Self Healing Cutting Mat
  8. 10 ounces of Modeling Clay in 15 Colors
  9. Twin Tipped permanent Marker
  10. Double Sided Clay Modeling Tool
  11. Double Barrel Pencil Sharpener
  12. 8 Bobbins of Embroidery Thread
  13. Embroidery Needle
  14. 50 Sheets of colorful paper in 10 Colors
  15. 2 Travel Sized Water Containers
  16. 250 Bleeding Tissue Squares
  17. HB Pencil
  18. Artist's Eraser
  19. Sponge
  20. Cotton Rag
  21. Roll of Masking Tape
  22. Glue Stick
  23. Liquid Glue

     2.  Online Class (delivered immediately to your inbox): Provides introductory demonstrations about the supplies included, how to use them, and ways to think about using them for a creative wellness practice.

    Not Included: Additional class content

    This item is appropriate for all levels of creative practice. No previous experience required. Ages 16+. Sharp objects are included.

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