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Miniature Clay Modeling Class + Supply Bundle

Miniature Clay Modeling Class + Supply Bundle

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Marvel at your own miniature creations with this sensory and tactile-rich clay modeling process. Experiment with forms and texture to explore the mental and emotional effects of playing with a sense of scale as you riff on traditional modeling techniques and make this entirely your own. 

    Components included in purchase:

    1. Online Class (sent immediately to your inbox): Provides clear and detailed embroidery demonstrations, including traditional and unexpected methods and techniques. 60 minutes long. (Closed captioning and play back speed settings enabled.)
    2. Digital Handbook  (sent immediately to your inbox): Provides helpful information about approaching art for wellness, as well as interactive tools and prompts to support and deepen your creative practice.
    3. All Necessary Art Supplies (shipped right to your door):
      1. 50  Sheets of colorful paper in 10 colors
      2. 10  ounces of modeling clay in 15 colors
      3. 9 x 12" Self-healing cutting mat
      4. HB graphite pencil
      5. Glue stick
      6. Liquid glue
      7. 12" Metal ruler
      8. Clay modeling tool
      9. Pen blade
      10. Sharpie
      11. Cotton Rag

    This online class is designed by a Licensed Certified Art Therapist to help you get creative and support your mental health. It covers:

    • Ways to consider structuring your work and art process to help you get started.
    • Pointers that help you tune into specific sensory and technical components of the materials as they relate to your mental and emotional states.
    • Resources that help you reflect on your process, develop self-awareness, and integrate learning into other areas of your life.

    This class is appropriate for all levels of creative practice. No previous experience required. Ages 16+

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