In case you're wondering...


Do I need previous experience with art to enjoy and benefit from these classes?

None at all! Every class is designed to be accessible to all levels of creative practice.

While classes will never define specific expectations for the outcome of a creative experience, you can expect plenty of detailed arts demonstrations and support for your process overall.

Why don't I see any examples of what I will make?

Because each of us works a little differently, and no two creative journeys are the same. 

While every class provides detailed demonstrations about how materials can be used, the process is also left open-ended, encouraging you to explore and uncover limitless pathways to new ideas.

This helps you build resilience in the face of the unknown, while also creating a comfortable foundation for venturing into new territory.

Is this something I could do with friends, family, or colleagues?

Absolutely! If you're looking for a creative way to connect with others or want to host a unique gathering (either in person or virtually) you're in the right place.

Order classes and materials for everyone in your group, or reach out here to chat with Drew about the specifics for your group.

Is this something I can do on my own?

Without a doubt. This can be a great outlet for the moments that you have to yourself, and want to spend doing something fun and relaxing, yet still active.  

Classes are always there for ongoing support and structure, even when you're protecting your creative "me time", so while you might be by yourself, you’ll never have to go it alone.

What kind of space or set up do I need?

You really don't need anything fancy! A flat surface helps, and you can always use your box to create one in a pinch.

Since everything packs away so compactly into your Render Box, you can take your creative practice just about anywhere you would take a book or laptop.

A space where you can minimize distractions is generally recommended.

What materials do I need? Can I use my own?

Every single material that will ever be used in class demonstrations is included in The Render Box. (Water is the one and only exception....truly!)

You are certainly welcome to use your own if you prefer, but it may affect your overall experience.

Demonstrations and guided reflections are based upon the benefits of very specific sensory details and physical aspects of the materials Render offers, so some of the content in classes may not feel as applicable if you are using your own materials. 

Is this a replacement for therapy or other mental health support?

While everything available to you is grounded in the research coming out of psychology, mental health, and creativity, this is by no means a substitute for therapy, mental health treatment, or any other mental health support.

Fore more details, see the Terms and Conditions.