Are you looking for a creative corporate event, social meeting activity, or book group Replacement?

Book a Group Class

How do virtual live classes for groups work?

You have essentially two options:

1. Your group can gather together in person wherever you'd like, and then Drew can lead virtually.

2. Everyone can log on from their own location and participate in a fully virtual group class, led live be Drew.

Supplies will be shipped according to the type of class you are booking.

Where are classes held if we want to meet in person?

Class can be held either at your location, or at a third party location.

You may organize the location on your own, or coordinate with Drew on a third space to hold your group class.

Supplies will either be brought by Drew, or shipped ahead of time to the point person/location of the class.

What about art materials?

For virtual classes: Supplies will be shipped according to the type of class you are booking.

ie. Supplies may be shipped as a batch all to one person/location, or to each individual in your group.

For in person classes: Supplies will either be brought by Drew, or shipped ahead of time to the point person/location of the class.

Is there a maximum group size?

No! The great thing about our classes is that many people can actively participate and benefit.

The class plan will be adjusted slightly depending on the size of your group (bigger or smaller) to ensure everyone feel's included and connected, but never put on the spot.

What if people in our group have different levels of experience and comfort with making art?

That's to be expected! All classes are designed to accommodate absolutely every level of creative practice.

Because the class format focuses on the value and experience of being creative, there are lots of ways to participate and benefit that have nothing to do with the final art product itself.

I'm looking for an activity that helps our group relax, comfortably connect with each other (beyond small talk), and experience something that is both new and welcoming. Is this it?

You bet. While the class plan can be modified slightly depending on the type of group and the goals you have, classes are designed to help you connect with your creativity and help you access the therapeutic effects of making art.

I'm looking for an outing like a happy hour. Would a class like this work?

While there are different types of happy hour (and adjacent) events out there, these classes are probably not quite what you're looking for.

Alcohol is not provided, and is not offered or consumed during classes, but your after-class plan is your domain!

How does pricing work?

Because the types of classes, group size, location, and other aspects vary so have likely (and correctly) guessed that pricing does too.

After we meet for a consultation, we'll be able to provide you a quote, typically 24-48 hours later unless you're told otherwise.

That being said, most group classes start at $75 a person for a 75 minute class or at $300 per group class.

Are you looking for personalized support to keep your creativity running high?

Book a One-on-One Class

How are one-on-one classes structured?

While that really depends on the goals and needs of each person, we may use the time for any of the following:

  • Taking inventory of your goals, barriers, and motivations.
  • Making art and discussing your process to develop greater self-awareness about your own creativity.
  • Problem solving to create or modify a plan to help you maintain a creative routine.

Following a consult, you can expect a loose outline or recommendation about the structure and plan for class(es).

I've tried so many times to get into a creative routine or habit, and I can't figure out what's stopping me? Could this help?

Absolutely. Sometimes a little coaching to understand not only what's getting in the way, but also what feeds and motivates you can go a long way.

We'll take time to understand where you are with your creative practice, where you want to be, and help connect you with resources (both internal and external) that are likely to be most supportive. There is a good chance we will also refer to research in areas that are most relevant.

I really want to understand how to make art for my sense of wellbeing, but I often just feel frustrated for one reason or another. Can this help?

It can. We are drawn to making art and being creative for many reasons, but sometimes the supplies, the environment, or any other factor might not actually be aligned with our personal needs and end goal.

We'll talk about what you're after, what you've tried, and create a personalized plan for you.

Where are one-on-one classes held?

Individual classes are currently being held online through Zoom.

Can I book a class to learn a particular medium?

If you are looking exclusively for technical guidance on how to become more proficient with a particular medium, you will likely be better served by an art educator.

If you are looking to get feedback on how to engage with or use an art material that you are particularly interested in for your sense of wellbeing, then this will be a great option.

If you're not quite sure where you fall, then a consultation is a great way for us to figure this out together and get you pointed in the right direction.

How do I know if it makes sense to book a single class or more than one?

A single class might be all the time and money you have to commit, and that's ok. It might also be just what you need for a little boost to get you going.

For some, checking in after a period of time or on intervals can be helpful to keep things going, and figure out if any modifications need to be made to keep your creative engine healthy and running.

We can discuss this at your consultation. And it also might change over time.

How does pricing work?

Class pricing begins at $145 for 45 minutes and goes up to $175 for 60 minutes or $190 for 75 minutes. These prices do not include art supplies.

What about art supplies?

Art supplies are not included. Depending on your goals for these classes, you may want to use your own supplies, or purchase a Render set.

Both options can be used in one-on-one classes, and we can discuss what might be best for you during the consult.

How does this differ from therapy?

While everything available to you is grounded in the research coming out of psychology, mental health, art therapy, and creativity, this is by no means a substitute for therapy or mental health treatment.

These one-on-one classes are more like specific coaching about how to use art supplies and creative process to meet your mental wellness goals.

In contrast, the scope of therapy is much more wide ranging and often focuses on a particular mental health concern.

A consultation is a great way to determine if you will be best served by one-on-one classes.

Fore more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

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